David Vegar

Years of experience: 10 Years

Practice Leader

Craig Roberts

Years of experience: 20+ Years

Research and Recruiting

Finding Talent

Finding and hiring dependable employees can be exhausting, expensive and can lead to frustration. We'll simplify the hiring process. You can count on us because we are Executive Recruiters with broad experience in all aspects of Management, Consulting, Human Capital and Global Headhunting. We are passionate about finding the hard to find and hard to recruit exceptional talent. At Pacific Search Group we are experts when it comes to locating passive talent that will add a significantly to your organization's bottom line. 

Professional Staff

Our Goal

Our goal is to assist your organization's hiring process. Mostly, by saving money and helping the bottom line. Using professional search can help a company reach a talent pool that might not otherwise know about a businesses' current opportunity to be filled. We've created a unique pricing structure in the search industry and give our clients great service like an in-house recruiter. We take time to understand the your needs, the growth potential of the company and work to create great hire who will hit the ground running making an impact from day one.

Industry Pioneers